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Nurturings is for you

Nurturings is for you

Everyone needs nurturing and everyone belongs in Nurturings.

Nurturings offers a different kind of parenting resource -- one that aims to spark flourishing for parents, children, families and communities.

You already know that parenting comes with unique stressors, but you may not know that there's a way to flip parenting stressors to flourishing instead. The three ingredients to flourishing aren't hard, and, in fact, they can be fun when blended - more than the sum of the parts.

Nurturings blends three ingredients that lead to parent, child and family flourishing. We do this work through peer parent groups led by trained peer leaders following formats that blend together:



The first goal is to replenish you. Connections with other parents in an informal but guided meeting format led by a trained peer leader can have serious health-giving results on its own. These groups are not accidental; they're formatted for belonging in social relationships that buffer and reduce stress and build coping. Most of all, they are designed to be fun and casual and to encourage conversation, getting to know other parents. These nurturing relationships provide you with the requirements you need for effective parenting. Most online advice-giving can be helpful, but it often adds hidden stress and the kinds of relationships tend to be transactional, transitory, disposable and loose -- not the kinds that are health-giving.


Nourishment (knowledge).

When your parenting knowledge is nourished, you're getting just enough infusions of broad, research-based knowledge to fit your needs. When your knowledge is nourished, you're able to update and fine-tune your own internal parenting compass rather than simply add-on another quick-fix technique. Setting you up for repeated parenting success means that we share what works and why and you choose what fits your needs and how you plan to use it. Our learning and sharing process differs from the dominant online parenting advice tips that too often leave you in the dark following a one-size-fits-all plan that doesn't really fit.


"Practish" (imperfect) parenting and see progress.

You'll be able to choose achievable goals and learn to set the pace, look for success in new, different ways. Insights you gather support your "practish" of effective parenting skills that fit your needs. You'll have a better picture of what to expect and look for and you'll get encouragement along the way to celebrate the small gains and appreciate progress. Sharing your experiences builds the group knowledge and gives you validation and insights for more confidence and lower stress. Full circle.   

We've seen parents struggle with overwhelming disruptions and become evermore stressed out seeking advice from the online treadmill that helps us survive social distancing, but drowns us in information in ways that don't promote flourishing.

You're here because you're looking for a true parenting resource. You're searching for reliable guideposts along your parenting journey. We're glad you've found us.

We aim to deliver what you and every parent needs for healthy, flourishing parenting, families and children:  lower and buffered stress; effective coping skills; the space to learn and share broad research and experiences about healthy, effective parenting; the ability to choose what fits your needs and the encouragement that guides your progress in the areas that matter most.

Feel replenished, feel nourished in your parenting knowledge and find encouragement as you "practish" parenting.


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