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Do you have any resources available for parents seeking Attachment Parenting (AP)-friendly providers?

We are currently getting the new AP-friendly Professionals Program underway. Doctors who join the API AP-friendly Professionals Program state that they support Attachment Parenting and also support API. A list of these doctors can be found here. We are just beginning this program, so please check back often as more providers are entered.

Here are a few other suggestions for finding a supportive, AP-friendly doctor:

  • Read The Baby Book by Dr. William Sears, which has a section on how to choose a doctor.
  • Attend your local API Support Group meetings. After the meeting, you can network with the other parents in attendance about finding a supportive doctor, and they can share their experiences with you.
  • Join API's Yahoo group, an email list and database for people interested in finding AP-friendly doctors. You can learn more about it, including how to join the group, here.

Finding a doctor with whom you are comfortable can sometimes be a challenge. Depending on your area, you may find that you have to do quite a bit of research and make numerous phone calls to find someone whose beliefs are compatible with your parenting style. You may wish to ask the doctor's nurse to call you when it's convenient and have a list of basic questions to ask (about their philosophy or about the advice they give in certain situations). Also, some doctors won't charge you for a very brief interview. You can ask your questions at that time to see if you are a good fit for each other.

Even if you don't find a doctor who agrees with you 100% about all of your parenting choices, hopefully you will at least find one who is open-minded and supportive of your right to make parenting choices. You may find a doctor whom you feel confident in consulting for medical advice, but you may chose not to consult him or her for parenting advice.

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